Terms of Use

The Step2fit service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") is owned by Step2fit (referred to in these terms as "We"). On behalf of the aforementioned entities, the application's system administrator is Luova toimisto Ensemble Oy. Accepting these terms of use is a prerequisite for using the Service. By using the Service, you agree to the terms of this agreement. If you do not accept these terms, you do not have the right to use the Service. Acceptance of this agreement grants you limited access to the Service. We reserve all other rights related to the Service.


All information provided during registration must be truthful. Your registration does not oblige Us to offer any service to you.


A license fee is charged for starting the Service. The fee is determined by the following features:

The license fee is charged at billing intervals. The charge is made from the subscriber's credit card. If the payment cannot be charged from the credit card, the order and use of the service will be automatically suspended. Detailed prices can be found on the service website at www.step2.fit. The use of the Service may result in data transfer or device costs for the subscriber or user, for which the subscriber/user is responsible.

Payment transactions are arranged through third-party services (Paytrail).


We cannot control the information you (and/or other users) share in the Service. Before sharing information in the Service, you should consider what information you want to share in the Service. Information shared in the Service is public. All personal data is transferred in encrypted (SSL) format. Personal data is stored and processed in accordance with the requirements set by Finnish law. Messages and diary entries about personal data are encrypted with modern standards. You agree that We can use user data for marketing and efforts to improve the service. You can delete your personal data, company data, and account by contacting customer service at info@step2.fit. You are responsible for the use of your account and for the information shared from your account. Handle your password with appropriate caution to prevent misuse.


You are responsible for all the material that is shared from your account. Using more than one account is prohibited. By accepting this agreement, you commit to not transmitting or otherwise sharing material in the Service that (i) violates third-party intellectual property or ownership rights or others' privacy; (ii) is illegal or otherwise inappropriate (e.g., sexually or otherwise disturbing to others, encouraging illegal actions or defamatory, or equated with spam); (iii) advertises business; (iv) contains any material disrupting the use of the Service (e.g., viruses). Without consulting the customer and user, We have the right to evaluate whether the user's actions meet the terms of this agreement and unilaterally restrict or block the user's access to the Service. We have the right to remove and destroy material added or shared to the Service that we consider to be against this agreement or prevailing legislation. If you notice activity violating these usage restrictions, please notify customer service immediately at info@step2.fit.


We retain all ownership, licensing, and intellectual property rights related to the Service. The customer or user is granted only limited access rights to the Service. The service is intended for business and private use. Corporate customers have the right to use the service for business purposes. However, the right is not granted to private customers.


Service Operation

The Service provides users with a platform for social interaction. The service is offered "as is". We do not commit to any general or specific obligation related to the functionality of the Service. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damage related to the Service or its use, unless otherwise required by mandatory legislation. If you do not accept these limitations, do not use the Service.

Downloads and Data

Users download materials possibly offered by third parties in the Service at their own risk. We are not responsible for any damages resulting from data or files downloaded from the Service.

Service's Internal Purchases

If a user purchases products or services in the Service that We offer, our maximum liability for such product or service's defectiveness is limited to the price of that product or service. If a user purchases products or services in the Service from a third party, We are not a party to such purchase or service agreement and are not responsible for any damage possibly resulting from the agreement. Any questions arising from products or services purchased from a third party should be resolved within the contractual relationship between those parties.

Accuracy of Information

We are not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by users or other service providers in the Service. If you notice any misconduct, please report it promptly to customer service at info@step2.fit.


Finnish law applies to this agreement (excluding its choice of law provisions). If you use the Service outside of Finland, you do so at your own risk. Ensure that you comply with the legislation of your location when using the Service. Any disputes arising from this agreement, if not resolved through negotiations, will be settled by the Satakunta district court as the first instance.


We have the right to change the content of the Service and the terms of this agreement at any time. If you continue to use the Service after publishing changes to the agreement terms, you accept the amended terms. If you do not accept possible changes, stop using the Service. The current terms of the agreement can be checked at www.step2.fit.


Privacy is important to Us. We want our customers and users to be aware of how we collect, use, and disclose personal data in our operations. We have taken measures in accordance with the data protection regulation that came into force in May 2018. Personal data is processed lawfully, fairly, and transparently for the data subject. Collected personal data are adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed. Data processing must respect the principles of data protection. Data is collected for specific, explicit, and legitimate purposes, in this case, for managing customer relationships with Step2Fit or the Service's customer companies, providing newsletters and/or other marketing communication, if the user has expressed interest in receiving these messages. We store customer personal data as long as it is necessary or permitted based on the purpose or purposes for which the data were collected and in accordance with applicable law. The Service saves the following details from the customer company during registration:

The data is used in producing and marketing the Service, but it is not disclosed to third parties. In a payment situation, the Service saves the following details:

The Service saves the following details about the customer company's end user (trainee):

The data is utilized in providing the Service, but it is not disclosed to third parties (excluding the client company). Upon a successful transaction, the payment method provider provides the Service with the following information:

The Service does not store credit card details in its own database; the processing and storage of this information is managed by the payment method provider. Exploiting authorization keys or other data from the app’s database for malicious purposes is not possible. The Service’s database is stored on a server located within the European Union. Passwords for system administration are stored following industry standards with one-way encryption; hence, passwords are not stored in plain text but in a hashed format. The login mechanism built into the management system and the app's re-registration function uses a time-lock feature, which prevents so-called brute-force attacks against individual user IDs. The following persons/entities can view the Service's user information and individual payment transactions:

Data is not transferred from the system in any form without user consent.

Rights to inspect, correct, and delete registry data

Users have the right to inspect, rectify, or request the deletion of their personal data. Users also have the right to demand restrictions on the processing of personal data under certain circumstances. Requests should be sent by email to info@step2.fit. At the same time, we ask you to state your name and phone number and attach a copy of your passport, driver's license, or another form of ID to your message so that we can verify your identity.

Data retention period

Outdated or unnecessary personal data is not stored. The data controller removes customer data from the registry when there is no longer a justification for processing it, or if the person concerned requires, based on the law, that their data be deleted. Personal data related to a continuous service, such as receiving a newsletter, is stored as long as the service remains active. The service must not be used to store patient information.


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