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Pricing of the service is based on the number of coachable clients.

Base price 10 € / month (incl. 1 client)
2-20 clients, 4 € / client
21-40 clients, 3,5 € / client
41-75 clients, 3 € / client
76-150 clients, 2,5 € / client
151-300 clients, 1,5 € / client
over 300 clients 1,25 € / client

All prices incl. tax 0 %. First charge takes place one month after registration.

How much does Step2Fit service cost?

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All information is processed by Stripe service. Step2Fit service does not collect any payment card data.

If you have already registered to the service and want to reactivate your account, please contact: info@step2.fit

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